Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parachute360?

Parachute360 is an automated business continuity planning platform – and a highly robust and intuitive business organization tool. It’s the easiest way to document your business and to securely and actionably share your key business data with trusted advisors, employees, and family members to preserve business continuity and value in times of emergency.

Does Parachute share or sell my data?

Absolutely not. We will not sell, rent or exchange your information without your permission. We will share information if we need to respond to an investigation or for other legal related reasons. Please review our privacy policy for complete details of how we protect your privacy.

Can I try before I buy?

We can do even better than that. A single user license for Parachute360’s Free plan is just that – free. Forever. If you agree that Parachute360 is the best way to get your business out of your head and to secure your business legacy, then you can upgrade any time to one of our paid plans.

Who is Parachute360 for?

Parachute360 is for all business owners who want to protect what they have built by preparing for unforeseen circumstances that may cause prolonged owner absence. With Parachute360 your business operations can transfer to your trusted advisors who can “parachute in to your business” immediately and have key data at their fingertips. If your business is still in your brain, or is scattered in notes in your drawers, hard drives or cloud storage, then Parachute360 is for you.

How can I give individuals access to my Parachute Plan?

Parachute360 has an advanced permissions module that allows you to grant and to remove access to your Parachute Plan with a few easy clicks. Depending on the role of the individual in your organization and life, you can grant greater or lesser access to the sections of your Parachute Plan.  You can also hide specific sections of your Parachute Plan from users.  In order to have additional individuals access your Parachute Plan, a paid account is required.

What is a Parachute Plan?

A Parachute Plan is a detailed and actionable business continuity plan.  Your plan is developed automatically during the course of your daily work flow and bulletproofs your business in the case of unplanned owner absence or other business disruption.

Is Parachute360 hard to use?

Parachute360 is designed for ease of use. From your very first click you are building your business continuity plan.  It’s straight forward yet powerful. But if you have any challenges, we’re here to help at  We encourage you to try it out for yourself with our Free Forever plan.

I am a professional service provider. How can I work with Parachute360?

Parachute360 is actively partnering with professional service providers including accountants, wealth advisors, and other trusted service providers. Please email us at for more information.

How can I give access to my Parachute360 Plan to others?

The Parachute360 authorization features give you complete control of who can access each component of your Parachute Plan down to specific sections. Keep control, give control, manage control – all at your fingertips.

Is Parachute360 secure?

Parachute360 was architected with security as our primary mandate. There is nothing more important to us than the security of your information. There are multiple layers of security including military grade encryption of all of your financial information including bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, etc. This information is not stored on Parachute360 servers but rather we leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services to secure your data. Authorization to access information is also completely within your control. If someone leaves the company or is no longer one of your trusted advisors you can easily restrict access or completely remove the user entirely from your account.  For more information on our security measures please visit

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