The Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Tool for Your Business

Benefits of Parachute360

Organize Your Key Business Data
Parachute360 helps you and your team quickly, easily and securely organized your critical business information.

Getting your business out of your head and into Parachute360 is a powerful step and protects your business and its value from temporary or permanent owner absence.
Prepare for Emergency
Are you prepared? Premature death or disability of an unprepared owner has been shown to lead to an 82% decline in profits and massive value destruction harming families, employees and stakeholders.

Parachute360 is the emergency preparedness solution for your business.
Prepare for Sale
A business prepared for an emergency is one that is ready to transition.

Even if business transition is in the distant future, organizing your business data in a logical, easy to understand manner is the key to it happening seamlessly when the time comes.
Empower and Inform
Get your business out of your brain and securely into the knowledge base of your trusted advisors and family.

Parachute360 is your emergency readiness plan and your trusted advisors and your family are your first responders.
Calendars and Reminders
Set calendar reminders to update key areas of your Parachute Plan.

Parachute360 also time stamps your activity, and will remind you and your authorized contacts when your Parachute Plan requires revision.
Getting Started Support
No time to organize? Let our “get started” specialists help you get started and emergency-proof your business.

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Features of Parachute360

Improve your Plan

Business is constantly changing and so should your Parachute Plan. Update and edit your plan at any time.

Security and Access Control

Your information is safe and secure with bank level encryption. Grant, limit and remove access to your data with our robust Permissions function.

Save Your Passwords

Free your mind! Save all your usernames and passwords with other important info in the Accounts section.

Build a Process

Cross training is easy when processes are documented. Use our simple tool to save your processes for good.

Add Some Insights

Are there important resources or relationships that your business depends on? Capture these in the Insights Section

Many more features coming soon!