Your Small Business isn’t Small to You. Protect it with Parachute360.

Whether you are ready to sell, or just starting out, recording “how you do what you do” is simply good business and one of the key drivers of business value.

Benefits of Parachute360

Organizational efficiency and knowledge sharing
Parachute360 helps you and your team quickly, easily and securely organize your critical business information.

With Parachute360 “how you do what you do” comes to life, with a powerful search tool and all of your key business information at your fingertips.
Getting your business out of your head and into Parachute360 is a powerful step that protects your business from unforeseen events.

Unplanned owner absence leads to an 82% decline in profits and massive value destruction harming families, employees and stakeholders. With Parachute360 you are “Always Prepared”.
Readiness for growth, for sale – and to take a vacation!
An organized and prepared business is a valuable business!

Even if business transition is in the distant future, taking a vacation should not be. With Parachute360 you know you can leave your business with the peace of mind that it will operate as it should, and will be just as strong when you return.
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Features of Parachute360

Security and Access Control

Your information is safe and secure with bank level encryption. Grant, limit and remove access to your data with our robust Permissions function.

One Stop Shop

One secure place for all of your key business information – organized and inter-connected in an easy to use platform keeping you Always Prepared.

Powerful Search Engine for Your Business

A search engine for your business? Yes! You are a few taps of the keyboard from finding anything you need about your business.

Unlimited Updates

Your business is constantly changing. Add as much information about your business as often you like. You’ll be glad you did!

Team participation

Invite your team members and advisors to add records to Parachute360 and build your knowledge base - while still safeguarding confidential information.

Safely Store Your Passwords

Save all your usernames and passwords with other important info in the Accounts section. Free your mind! Take that vacation! You got this!

Process Process Process!

Processes scale. People don’t. Easily record “how you do what you do” to make your business more valuable, eliminate wasted time, and prepare to fly.

Easy Import Tools

Work on populating your Parachute360 account at your leisure offline. Then with just one click import that information into Parachute360. It’s that easy!

And Much More!

CNBC is talking about it!

By recording your business operating information and processes in Parachute360’s
secure continuity platform, you are prepared:

Watch this CNBC piece on the problem and its potential impact on millions of families.