The Digital Firebox for essential data serving accountants and your clients

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Who We Are

Parachute360 is a living digital firebox for essential personal and small business information.

We partner with accountants to give your clients a digital space with bank-level security to record and to securely store the most vital documents and knowledge that most impacts their lives.

How We Can Help

As an accountant, you may find yourself looking for ways to stay engaged with your clients outside of tax season, and to provide additional value-enhancing products and services.

Parachute360 provides a solution. With this secure digital space for users to store all of their vital life information – not just tax information – you can deepen trust and cement your relationship with your clients for a lifetime.

Benefits of Parachute360 for Accountants

 Ensure your clients securely record and organize their most vital life information – not just their financial information

 Communicate effectively with clients throughout the year

 Safeguard and share client documents in a space with bank-level security. Why pay for document vaults and portals?

 Build credibility with clients by offering a powerful organization tool

 Differentiate your practice from that of other accountants by providing a full life preparedness resource

 Includes a powerful client communication portal:

  • Client messaging
  • Client onboarding
  • Client document organization and secure storage

Free to accountants. Free to clients. Priceless for all.