The 21st century companion to the old-school estate planning binder

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Who We Are

Parachute360 is a living digital firebox for essential personal information.

We partner with estate planners to give your clients and prospects a digital space with bank-level security to record and store the vital documents and knowledge that most impacts their lives – including their estate plans and related documents.

How Parachute360 Helps

The estate planning binder that clients have been walking out of their estate planner's office with for generations could use a 21st Century companion.

Parachute360 complements the old-school binder, serving as a powerful relationship maintenance and building tool for attorneys, and as a comprehensive life information firebox for clients.

Parachute360 is the 21st century companion to the estate planning binder – and much more.

Benefits of Parachute360 for Estate Planners

 Complements the estate planning binder - replaces the thumb drive!

 Ensures a long-term relationship with your clients

 Confirms your clients know where their estate documents live

 Safeguards client documents in a secure digital space - free of charge to you and to them. Why pay for document vaults?

 Includes a powerful client communication portal:

  • Client messaging
  • Client onboarding
  • Client documentation and secure storage

Free to attorneys. Free to clients. Priceless for all.