Parachute360 Personal Edition
Protects Your Family

Solving the questions:
what if…?
where is…?
how do we...?
and many more…

Benefits of Parachute360 Personal Edition

Be calm. Be peaceful.
Parachute360 Personal eliminates the anxiety caused simply by not knowing.
Not knowing what you ask? Not knowing anything that impacts your family.
“What If….?”
It’s a question that we all ask as adults. It keeps us up at night.
Parachute360 Personal eliminates fear around that question. Record and share what’s important.
Disorganization = Anxiety
Disorganization is a contributing factor to anxiety and depression.
You can digitally organize your personal life. There is a solution. Reduce your anxiety. Organize your life.
Be Prepared
Easily – and Free
Parachute360 Personal
Feel the Ohm...
Get Started Today In Under a Minute
And Yes. It’s Free.

Features of Parachute360 Personal Edition

Security and Access Control

Your information is safe and secure with bank level encryption. Grant, limit and remove access to your data with our robust Permissions function.

One Stop Shop

One secure place for all of your key personal and family information – organized and inter-connected in an easy to use platform keeping you Always Prepared.

Powerful Search Engine for Your Life

A search engine for your life? Yes! You are a few taps and clicks from finding anything you need about your family and personal life.

Unlimited Updates

Your life is constantly changing. Add as much information about your life as often you like. You’ll be glad you did!

Family Participation

Invite your family members and advisors to add records to Parachute360 Personal and to build your family knowledge base - while still safeguarding confidential information.

Safely Store Your Passwords

Save all your usernames and passwords with other important info in the Accounts section. Free your mind!  You got this!

Easy Import Tools

Work on populating your Parachute360 Personal account at your leisure offline. Then with just one click import that information into Parachute360 Personal. It’s that easy!

And Much More!